Sunday, January 29, 2012

War Memorial, Disrepair continued

Disconcerting, the neglect. Disgusting, the trash and graffiti. Disrespect. Disrespecting. Disrespectful. What will become of this memorial when the new school is built? What should become of the memorial now? Surely, we can do better to honor our fallen. If this were a memorial for the fallen in recent drug wars, would the neglect and disrespect be as flagrant? Was the World War so long ago that we've lost our connection to those that gave their lives? How can we renew this connection, reconnect with this generation, repair this memorial, and also address some needed contemporary community healing in the process?

**Update: We confirmed that the memorial will be restored as part of the new construction planned for the Waverly Elementary School. The memorial will be incorporated into the landscape design for the new school and the fountain will be restored to working order. This is excellent news.

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