Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Recap of Accomplishments

First and foremost, the walks would not be what they are without the folks who walk them. Thank you to neighbors, community leaders, police officers, city officials—everyone who has ever participated in a walk!

I wanted to take a moment to reflect on what the Waverly Walkers have accomplished. Since May 2011, these are the following observations and actions that are the result of these wonderful evening adventures:

• Reported vandalism at the BGE substation on the corner of 35th and Old York Road. Door has since been fixed and reinforced.

• Reported open door to a vacant home that was being worked on. Spoke to neighbor who knew the owner and was able to secure the door.

• Reported high grass. Established communication with owner and continue to request maintenance of green space.

• Gathered almost 20 people for our biggest walk where we visited Better Waverly's orchard and one of Waverly's community-managed open spaces. After the walk, had porch poetry reading in 4 languages.

• Report suspicious activity at a vacant home where it looked to be frequented by folks drinking there. Gate secured and eventually the house became occupied.

• On July 11th, 2011 a lost pitbull was found wandering around. The walkers took the dog to Ardmore Veterinarium on Loch Raven Boulevard to find out if he had been reported as lost or if he had a microchip to help us find his home. He had no home at the moment. That very night, the pitbull was welcomed into one of our neighbor's home, to stay for a few nights until they found a home for him...well, that became his home and now Lumpy, as he is known, lives with a loving family, including a canine companion.

• Highlighted accident prone street corner on the blog. Reported it to the Department of Transportation. Awaiting assessment from DOT.

• Found lost (and very expensive) phone and returned it to its rightful owner.

• Reported strong gas smell from sewer hole.

• Picked up trash.

• Handed out Halloween candy to children as we walked.

• Distributed community newsletters.

• Informed neighbors about listserv.

The list could go a bit longer, but this gives you a clear idea of some of what is possible and helpful in our community.

Thank you, Waverly, for your dedication. Help us continue this Waverly tradition!

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