Friday, July 13, 2012

Waverly Farmers Market Sights (of) Sounds

The market has a lot of wonderful sights and sounds. Come out and enjoy music from some wonderfully talented and creative musicians.

32nd Street Farmers Market

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring Back Into ReSpect‏

Share your stories and opinions about the past, present, and future of Waverly Village. Whether you are new to the neighborhood, a long-time resident, or somewhere in between, we want to hear from you.

ReSpect is a community-based research study focused on collecting stories from Waverly Village residents.

Whether you want to share your identity or remain anonymous, your choice will be respected. The long-term goal is to collect interviews until summer 2013 and then publish the findings.

Interested? Contact Nayeli Garcia Mowbray at or 410-235-5712 for more information and to schedule a time to share your story.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Old York Forest Garden Announcement

"This is the first of many announcements from the newly formed Old York Forest Garden, on the corner of 36th St. and Old York Road. Since we spoke at the Waverly Improvement Association meeting in December we have made some important progress in realizing this community garden project. We have ordered over 50 fruit and nut trees through TreeBaltimore to plant in the 36th St. lot as well as other spaces throughout the Waverly neighborhood.

In addition we have tentatively scheduled a workday for this coming Saturday, February 25th from Noon until we finish what needs to be accomplished. All are invited to come. We’ll be doing general clean up of the lot, from picking up trash to hauling what’s left of the brush that’s sitting on the property. Keep posted for any changes due to inclement weather, etc.

As far as other progress goes, we are seeking donations for tools, untreated lumber (for raised beds) and a modest fence to enclose the property. Please come out for the workday and we’ll keep you updated with more news soon."

For more information, email:

or go to

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Uncle Lee's and the Great Wall of Waverly

Check out the following story,, released on February 4, 2012 in North Baltimore Patch regarding the damage inside the dilapidated Uncle Lee's building affecting the Waverly Mural on the corner of 33rd Street and Greenmount Avenue.

One of Waverly's concerned neighbors took the photos here to send to the appropriate parties and, hopefully, drum up interest in resolving the many issues with this vacant commercial property, starting with the structural damage.

At least the open windows that you see featured in the second picture have been "closed."

Friday, February 17, 2012

March 6 WIA General Meeting, Featured Guest and Author Clarence Brown

Join us on March 6 for the Waverly Improvement Association General Meeting, 6:30PM, at the Waverly Elementary School. Waverly Elementary address is: 3400 Ellerslie Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21218.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Covered Gutter, Parkwyrth and Old York

A common sight on our walks. Some drains are filled with trash, which wreaks havoc on our waterways. This drain is covered with so much debris, the storm water has no place to go but in areas that simply wreak havoc on sidewalks, streets, and yards. Learn more about how you can get involved in our neighborhood and the City with Blue Water Baltimore.

Disenfranchisement Statement

On the light pole at 35th and Old York. This is a popular pole for flyers and the like.

Up in a Tree

Usually you see ratty shoes hanging from electrical wires; this time we saw a nice pair of shoes in a tree.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Charm City Run | Event Detail

12th Annual Victims Fund Run 5K Run/Walk 1 Mile Walk, 04/21/2012. Please consider supporting this event. They really do help those in need. I am a recipient of this fund. A few weeks back, a couple of hoodlums slashed our tires and the Baltimore City State's Attorney Office were able to assist us.

The money will go to support and assist victims of crime in Baltimore City who meet the criteria. By donating your time and resources, you will help victims of domestic violence, robbery, assaults, child abuse and sexual assault, as well as families affected by homicide. Funds also cover expenses such as broken windows, replacement of locks, identification cards and medical prescriptions.

Charm City Run | Event Detail

Sunday, January 29, 2012

War Memorial, Disrepair continued

Disconcerting, the neglect. Disgusting, the trash and graffiti. Disrespect. Disrespecting. Disrespectful. What will become of this memorial when the new school is built? What should become of the memorial now? Surely, we can do better to honor our fallen. If this were a memorial for the fallen in recent drug wars, would the neglect and disrespect be as flagrant? Was the World War so long ago that we've lost our connection to those that gave their lives? How can we renew this connection, reconnect with this generation, repair this memorial, and also address some needed contemporary community healing in the process?

**Update: We confirmed that the memorial will be restored as part of the new construction planned for the Waverly Elementary School. The memorial will be incorporated into the landscape design for the new school and the fountain will be restored to working order. This is excellent news.

War Memorial, Disrepair

Located at the 700 Block of E. 34th Street, just outside the fence surrounding the lot behind Waverly Elementary.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Old York Forest Garden

We are pleased to be working with a few dedicated folks who will be reviving the plot of land at Old York Road and 36th in Waverly. Check out how the land looks now and join us in helping turn this into a thriving space for the community.

Old York Forest Garden

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Recap of Accomplishments

First and foremost, the walks would not be what they are without the folks who walk them. Thank you to neighbors, community leaders, police officers, city officials—everyone who has ever participated in a walk!

I wanted to take a moment to reflect on what the Waverly Walkers have accomplished. Since May 2011, these are the following observations and actions that are the result of these wonderful evening adventures:

• Reported vandalism at the BGE substation on the corner of 35th and Old York Road. Door has since been fixed and reinforced.

• Reported open door to a vacant home that was being worked on. Spoke to neighbor who knew the owner and was able to secure the door.

• Reported high grass. Established communication with owner and continue to request maintenance of green space.

• Gathered almost 20 people for our biggest walk where we visited Better Waverly's orchard and one of Waverly's community-managed open spaces. After the walk, had porch poetry reading in 4 languages.

• Report suspicious activity at a vacant home where it looked to be frequented by folks drinking there. Gate secured and eventually the house became occupied.

• On July 11th, 2011 a lost pitbull was found wandering around. The walkers took the dog to Ardmore Veterinarium on Loch Raven Boulevard to find out if he had been reported as lost or if he had a microchip to help us find his home. He had no home at the moment. That very night, the pitbull was welcomed into one of our neighbor's home, to stay for a few nights until they found a home for him...well, that became his home and now Lumpy, as he is known, lives with a loving family, including a canine companion.

• Highlighted accident prone street corner on the blog. Reported it to the Department of Transportation. Awaiting assessment from DOT.

• Found lost (and very expensive) phone and returned it to its rightful owner.

• Reported strong gas smell from sewer hole.

• Picked up trash.

• Handed out Halloween candy to children as we walked.

• Distributed community newsletters.

• Informed neighbors about listserv.

The list could go a bit longer, but this gives you a clear idea of some of what is possible and helpful in our community.

Thank you, Waverly, for your dedication. Help us continue this Waverly tradition!

Monday, January 2, 2012

January 2, 2012

On the very first walk of the new year, we took a trip across 33rd to a monument dedicated to Lizette Woodworth Reese, Waverly teacher, poet, and writer, born 1856, died 1935. The monument is across from the YMCA, up on a hill in front of Eastern High School (between Loch Raven and Ellerslie). Check it out yourself some time and also look for other Reese tributes in the area. Waverly is proud to call Ms. Reese a native soul.