Friday, August 19, 2011

New Waverly Elementary/Middle School


Please email the School Board NOW at to urge approval of a construction contract for the new Waverly Elementary/Middle School at the School Board meeting of TUESDAY, AUGUST 23, 6:00pm. We can afford no further delays in breaking ground! Our children need their new school by December 2012.

Begin emails with "Dear President Duke and Commissioners,"

Briefly explain how important it is to you to avoid further delays in awarding a contract. End with your name, address, connection with the school (parent, teacher, neighbor, supporter). Please attend the School Board meeting of TUESDAY, AUGUST 23, 6pm, to show support for Board action to award the construction contract. I'll be there. Thanks for your help. Sorry for late notice.


The School Board awards contracts for constructing new schools. The Board opened the Waverly School construction bids in late June. The lowest bidder, CAM Construction, was ruled non-compliant with certain bid requirements, and the Board disqualified its bid. The second lowest bidder and all other bidders were in compliance.

It's a very long story, but CAM protested being disqualified, then the second lowest bidder protested a move to throw out all bids. (So did I when I heard about that proposal after the fact!) So there have been more delays as the Board sorted out how to proceed.

We hope that the Board meeting of August 23 will get us back on track.

I have been involved in trying to move the process along, and now it's time for the entire community to join in the effort to URGE IMMEDIATE AWARD of the contract to one of the bidders at the August 23 Board meeting.

We are already behind schedule because of these delays. We were promised a Fall 2012/ Spring 2013 occupancy of the new school. The 2012/13 winter break is our best time to make the move. We can wait no longer or we will lose that window of move-in opportunity.

Thanks for your emails NOW and your School Board attendance on TUESDAY, August 23, BCPS HQ, 200 East North Avenue, 1st floor Board Room.

Sign-up 5pm *
Board meeting 6pm

*To speak, we need to show up before 5pm to sign up at 5pm at 1st floor lobby of the BCPS HQ.

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